Meet Freddy, Britain’s Largest Dog… And His Sister, Too!

Great Dane’s are described by the American Kennel Club as dependable, patient, and friendly dogs. The Germans originally bred Great Danes as boar hounds. Great Danes are one of the tallest dogs, according to An adult male Great Dane will weigh at least 120 pounds; a female will be about 100 pounds. The lifespan of a Great Dane is about eight years.

Meet Freddy, he is probably Britain’s largest dog, and he is a Great Dane. Freddy is 7 feet tall when standing on his hind legs, right now, but he isn’t done growing quite yet! Freddy may soon be the world’s largest dog! The world’s largest dog was named Zeus, he was 3.64 feet (111.8 cm) from paw to shoulder. Meet Freddy and his mom, and his sister in the video below!

Owning a Great Dane requires a lot of room and plenty of money to feed the massive canine! Share away, people!



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