A responsible dog breaks up a puppy fight! Then he scolds the ones involved!

Two puppies start to play but then they end up fighting! Good thing a sweet but determined pup gets there and breaks up the fight right on time! Then he cutely barks at them. 

You can imagine what he is saying: hey, what are you doing here, calm down, now! :)
We can all learn something from him!

Featured Story Of Today

An unbreakable connection
Time and time again, you must have read tales of dogs’ loyalties with us humans and they build an everlasting relation with their owners. There’s a bond there that lives on forever and it can never be broken, even after death. Well, this dog just proved that but it is absolutely heartbreaking to see him waiting for his owner after his death. This is because his owner was killed in a fatal car accident in 2014 and the loyal dog waited for his owner to return for a long time.

This happened in Siberia that is already a cold country and is known for its winter, across all the world. Still, this didn’t make the dogs lower his efforts as he kept on waiting for his owner to come and kept sitting by the road. Not to mention, a lot of people tried to capture the dog to bring to safety but the dog didn’t move.
That should speak volumes to what these precious creatures can do and have done for us humans for a long time indeed. Soon, people realized that the dog wouldn’t move away from the place and he would keep waiting. So, they started leaving food there and hoped that the dog would move on and move away. Some kindhearted Samaritans have even built a shelter over the dog to help him fight against the cold, using this shelter.