Whenever You See A Dog With A Scarf Wrapped Around Its Body, This Is What It Means

We know that dogs get nervous when they face an uncomfortable situation. Take for example fireworks, they can make your dog very nervous and scared, so how do you calm your dog down in these situations?, there is an interesting option.
Notice that the dogs’ hearing is different from humans’ hearing. what we consider a normal sound might be a terrible noise to our beloved dogs.

It is believed that a scarf helps your dog to relax, and it is better that the scarf smells just like you so that your dog will be relaxed because they will feel that you are always around, and they’re not alone.
But be warned that if your dog resists and refuses to wear the scarf, don’t force him to wear it as that might just make things worst, so be careful, and keep your dogs safe.

Featured Story Of Today

This is rather a tragic story and not one of those that end happily. Sierra Miner is the owner of the horse under discussion and the horse is called Lucy, a 4-year-old Appaloosa mare. These two were grazing along their driveway and Lucy Sierra had tethered Lucy to 2 cinder blocks. What happens next is all of a sudden, a vehicle barges into the property, hits Lucy brutally from the back and all this happens within a few seconds.

The idiotic driver drags down Route 23 and he drags her at least for a quarter of a mile. Reportedly, the driver never stopped despite knowingly doing everything. There were no witnesses but the authorities are looking for a gold or a tang pickup truck that had been then spotted on the road at that time. This is truly a dark time for Sierra who had gotten Lucy a year ago.

Sierra is as depressed as an animal owner can be because she had just tied Lucy to the cinder blocks so that she could go take a shower. As soon as she came out of the shower, her mobile phone started blowing up with the calls about her dead horse just a few moments later. Jill Monahan, Maine State Police Trooperis taking care of the incident and we hope that the accuser gets caught sooner rather than later and gets punished for his heinous crime.