A Giant Monster Has Been Found Covered With Shells At The Beach, Left Everyone Stunned!

A strange object was seen by some people who were walking on the Burry Port in Wales.


A vague 'monster' has been found at a Welsh beach beauty spot, leaving the people confused.

This giant monster, which is covered in shells and glasses, has sparked much embarrassment as people don't know what that is.


A long giant object appeared while Suzy Watkins and her family were on the beach in Carmarthenshire.

The video, was recorded by Suzy, shows that giant object and there are some creatures emerging from the shells. Suzy said that is really difficult to know what the object was.


A similar object sparked discussion last year on social media in New Zealand.

Witnesses said that the object, in New Zealand found on Muriwai Beach, had some similar creatures coming out of the shells.


Guess about that giant object thought it could be part of a shipwreck.


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