Luxury Leather Lays On Woman's Arm, After Getting Its Head Crushed And Spine Being Chopped Alive!!

If you are a sensitive person, make sure you don't watch the video.


PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), an animal rights organization, produced this video in July 2015. Which shows one of the most horrible acts in the world. You can see in the video how luxury watch straps and bags are made out of the skin of the crocodiles.

French luxury brand Hermès  isOne of the biggest buyers of this exclusive luxury leather. Hermès claims that they know where their luxury leather comes from. If you think that the cold-blooded acts in the video must be stopped in a way or another, you can sign PETA's request StopAlligator-Skin Accessories- andSelling Crocodile


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The everlasting tragedy
It has been 3 years but the world hasn’t forgotten the tragedy that was struck at the Green Acre boarding facility in Gilbert, Arizona. 23 dogs, now known as Gilbert-23 were stuffed inside a small room with inadequate ventilation and no air conditioning on a hot Arizona summer night. It was around 11:00 PM, July 9, 2014 when they were put into that room but wasn’t checked until late the next morning.

Even when the dogs died, the man responsible for the deaths didn’t call the animal authorities but they were piled into a storage shed on the property while efforts to save some of the dogs still alive were also unsuccessful. Todd and Meleisa Hughes, owners of the Green Acre Facility called the dog’s families and lied to them that the dogs had run away and lost.
Todd was later caught and now the verdict says that he has to serve 23 days in prison and also do community service for 230 hours. Also, they are forced to write a written apology to dogs’ owners. Do you think it is a fair punishment? Let us know.