Burning Bull Dies Because Of A Strong Hits In A Wooden Pole

Unfortunately, the video below shows a bull with a fire on its horns running into a wooden pole, and finally it died. At same time, a crowd watches happily. So why did that happen?!


The story behind this bull's calamitous death is really shocked, the bull was killed just for the purpose of enjoyment based on a century-old tradition.

Now, this video has sparked anger and disagreement all over the world. So we must put an end to these cruelty actions against animals.

The video was posted on July 23, describing 'El Toro Embolado' custom, which happened in Valencia, Spain. And it began to spread more and more.

The custom includes of putting the fire on the bull's horns before untying it for the 'fight'. The Spanish government considers this bad practice a part of its patrimony, but the majority of Spanish people are hardly against it.



The video shows a bull with burning horns and crashed in a wooden pole. A man was hurt by the bull earlier that day. However, this wasn't a fairpenalty.


Many animal rights advocates expressed their sympathy with the poor bull, asking to put an end to this silly tradition.

Furthermore, Bull Defenders United, an organization that works to end bullfighting, posted on their Facebook page that it condemns the recent killing. And it called for increasing the defense of the animals.


Featured Story Of Today

This story started getting famous only recently when Northwest SPCA stated on Wednesday that a puppy named Harvey that had arrive with severe injuries had died. The story goes back to the last year when a good Samaritan found the puppy in Oroville, California in early November. The hell was unleashed upon Harvey as he was suffering blunt force trauma and even his body had been burned.
Northwest SPCA took their Facebook page to tell everyone how sad they had gotten on the news of death of Harvey. Everyone had gotten attached with Harvey in this time and it broke everyone’s heart that the dog died from complications from her injuries.The staff and the vets were taking care of Harvey for 3 weeks but no real signs of improvement she was showing.
It is still unknown as to how and why a person would beat a dog so bad that he would experience these horrible injuries. It is stated that the person responsible for all this is still out there and he is thought to be a male – late teens or early 20s and has a very slender body and is about 6 feet tall.
These are the only clues in this case and SPCA is going to investigate further and let more information about the person be made public. This should happen so that everyone would know that the dog didn’t die in vain.