Pastor Spots Movements In A Plastic Bag By The Rail Tracks, What He Finds Shocked Everyone!

Lourens van Wyk, a retired pastor in South Africa, found a dog in a plastic bag when he was driving the truck. The dog had all of his legs bound with laces of a shoe, and his mouth was shut by a muzzle, so he couldn't bark.

He took Trax to the Animal Welfare Society in Helderberg, which is just outside of Cape Town.


So Lourens van Wyk took the dog, Trax, to the Animal Welfare Society in Helderberg, which is near Cape Town. The veterinarians of the Animal Welfare Society had to carefully release the dog's bines to not cause him very much pain. Trax also had a head twitch and mange. a head twitch.


They wrote a post on Facebook about Trax including that he was struggling for many injuries. But he is still totally young. Now, he is eating very well, and he also responds and interacts with people, he deels loved, relaxed and safe.

Animal lovers in the area applied to adopt Trax, after seeing the post on social media. Then he has found a new forever beloved family in Johannesburg.

He is now recovering really well, and his favorite place on these cold days is his warm bed under 2 blankets at least.

Thankfully, he finally found a new forever home, with nice owners.



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