Owner Of Pit-Bull Was Shocked When He Watched What A Night Vision Camera Has Recorded At 5 A.M.

Have you ever wondered what would your pet do when darkness is all over the place?, this dad’s curiosity made him put a night vision camera in order to see what his pit-bull does in the darkness.



When the owner of the pit-bull watched what the camera recorded, he was shocked because his pit bull acted very weird, he opened his mouth several times in a strange way and he was looking up like he saw something.


Now everyone can guess and give their opinion about the pit bull’s weird behavior, maybe some have experienced something like this and we will be thankful if they tell us about their experience.


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A hilarious capture

You won’t believe how important and significant capture this is as a prominent drug dealer was arrested and is now resting in jail. Let’s hope that he stays there for a very long time. Moreover, if the vehicle is used for illegal purposes, the police are entitled to keep it for a little while. Sometimes, the police sell the vehicle in the auction and the money is used to cover the department fees or is donated to charity.


Super Duty truck was seized when the police arrested this drug dealer and later on, his truck was being converted into a police vehicle. Then they read that message that was written on the tailgate and it clearly showed where the vehicle came from.

Even up till now, it is unknown which police department is responsible for this but a lot of people seem to be supporting this idea at the same time.