These So Fluffy Poodle Cats Will Put A Big Smile On Your Face

There are many cat breeds in the world, every breed has its own qualities, and the Silkirk Rex breed is such a unique breed, the cats of this breed has a thick and curling fur, some people like to call them “poodle cats”.

Taking a walk with your poodle cat, don’t be surprised if lots of people approached your cat and touched it, and played with it. these cats are very cute, their fur is so soft and very nice to touch.
These cats are very friendly and loving, they give their owners an unforgettable joy, once poodle cats come to life, you can tell the difference between them and other cats by noticing their curly whiskers, it looks exactly like wool, that’s why some people call them “sheep cats”.
Call them whatever you want, but when you meet a cat of this kind, I’m sure you won’t resist the temptation of taking it home with you.

Featured Story Of Today

We love many things about dogs, it would take many hours to speak about the all of them, but the lovely thing is how intensely.


They are loyal and protective. As we all know, dogs are sincere till the very end, even if they put themselves in danger. Fortunately, Virginia, a very lucky girl in in Prince William County, was with her sincere dog during one of the worst moments in her life, and he was ready to do anything to avoid bad things to happen.
The 10-Year-Old girl was going with the dog to walk around 15:50 on Friday, suddenly a man approached and he grabbed her arm to hijack the girl, but how?! When she was with her dog.

The dog bit the bad man, as soon as he grabbed her by the arm, causing him to leave the arm and escaped. Thankfully, she didn't get any injury.
People are still searching for him, who was described as a Hispanic male in his early 20s or late teens, with a goatee, short, and dark hair.
If the girl's dog was not with her that day, no one knows what could have occurred. A story like this has many different endings, but for sure, all of them are bad.