Woman Sees Puppy's Cut Tail And Grows Suspicious Of Owner So She Pulls Out 50 To Take Dog Away

Kaitlin Cappelluti was only stopping at a gas station to get a bottle of water when she saw a group of three or four people surrounding a puppy. She joined them to investigate.
The puppy wasn’t in good shape. He had fur missing, as well as burns and scars. She was horrified when she saw that the 10 to 12-week-old pup’s tail had been cut off.
She asked the man who had him why he looked so unwell, and he said that all of the injuries were due to a bad reaction to flea medication.

But Kaitlin knew better, and her suspicions were confirmed when the man asked her if she "had any rock.” He wanted to trade the puppy for drugs.
Of course, Kaitlin wasn’t prepared for this kind of transaction, but she couldn’t leave the puppy in such a terrible state. She gave the man $50 and took the dog away.
Now the puppy, who has been named Bart, has received the medical attention he needed. He’s in a foster home and will soon be able to be adopted by a forever family!

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