Woman Caught Biting And Hitting Her Dog In Horrific Video

Disturbing footage has emerged online of a woman hitting and biting a dog on a train in Canada.
YouTube user Roxy Huang uploaded the video, saying the blatant animal abuse happened on a Toronto Transport Commission (TTC) train as she was travelling home from work, Global News Canada.


The dog can be heard crying as the woman angrily shakes and hits it, before biting the animal.
At one point in the clip a passenger can be heard saying: "You gotta stop hitting your dog”. Before the woman replies: "Pardon. Who are you? What the fuck are you talking about.”
Toronto police and transport officers responded to an emergency alarm which was set off on the train, and escorted the woman away.


Speaking to Global News, the local police said they spoke to the woman in question and several witnesses and decided to release her with just a warning.
 It’s believed officers did not find any visible injuries on the dog. But now this video has surfaced, the incident has been referred to an animal protection organisation, the Ontario SPCA.
They are now investigating the footage, but say it’s too early to see whether any further action will be brought against the woman.


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