Drivers Spot Creature Crossing the road, On Closer Look, Unbelievable!

What do you do if you're driving along a road, then you see unusual something wanting to cross the road.

That's what happened with drivers in Washington, Mason County, last fall, but unlike the usual , it wasn't a dog, deer, duck, cat, or as usual person crossing the road. But there is no one can imagine what it was.
The road has a Skokomish River, that the excess of the water collectsponds on the road. When level of the water rises more and more, then gathers on the road as you can see where it is going.
Motorists met a giant salmon! wanting to cross the road.

Featured Story Of Today

We always see many strange things in our life, sometimes you see very little baby started speaking, a little animal is afraid of bath, as it didn't like water, or sometimes there are a few animals can talk (saying a few words) as parakeets, birds or some cats, as what some videos show.

And sometimes there are animals who love to act another animal, like this adorable otter in the video .We often see the otters on Magazines, TV, or at the zoo. Have you ever seen an otter in reality? In fact, otters are existence so much in the places which have plenty waters because they love water, so you rarely find them in Australia and Antarctica, because their lands are so dry. There are 13 different types of otter in the world. Otters have a thick coat of fur which actually allows them to float by trapping the air!Unfortunately, the otters' nice fur is the main reason for why they are hunted and on the edge of extinction. We all know that they are peaceful playful creatures. We have spotted them use the rock as tools, hold the hands in swimming, and cuddle their little babies. This video was recorded by lucky couple, they had so fun when they saw this otter, they captured the nice, silly, fun side of otters. The video shows the otter gets out from the water, and he then get back to it quietly. Make sure to watch the video till the end.Share this with your family and friends