The Man Jumped To Camera When He Saw The Ingenuity Of His Dog In Jenga

I like to think that my dogs are the smartest on the planet. They know all kinds of neat tricks and recognize lots of common words. Their impressive tricks include stealing all of the covers on the bed, barking at absolutely nothing, locking themselves in the car while it’s still running, and knowing exactly when meal times are even though they can’t tell time. They can go from fast asleep to wide awake, the second you pull food out of the oven.
They know a lot of regular words. I have to spell "cookie,” "walk,” "ball.” They know their names and the dozens of nicknames I give them. I’m aware that they’re positively brilliant, but their strongest skill is that they know how to give unconditional love (especially when there is a C-O-O-K-I-E involved).

Much to my surprise, there are dogs out there that are smarter than mine. I had no idea! There are pups that fetch things for their owners and service dogs that perform all kinds of tasks like opening doors and recognizing when their owners are ill. There are intelligent dogs who perform all kinds of jobs, like sniffing for contraband and helping police to apprehend bad guys. And, there are plenty of naughty dogs who have figured out some clever ways to get the things they want in life. It’s a good thing my dogs are so loving, or I might think they were skating by on their scruffy good looks.

The dog in this video is super smart—there’s no way my dogs could do this. Ellie, the family’s Golden Retriever-Husky mix, watched her people playing Jenga and figured out how to play, too! With just a little bit of help (she doesn’t have thumbs), she can carefully pull out the pieces without knocking over the tower!
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