This Police Officer Couldn't Prevent Himself From Loving This Shelter Pup.

Officer Marcus Montgomery wasn’t at the local animal shelter to adopt a dog. He was simply responding to a call about some concerning behavior from a previous shelter employee. But while he was there, the dog-loving cop got a surprise: he met a pup that seemed perfect for his family.

The night before, a box of 10 puppies was left in the near-freezing temperatures on the doorstep of animal shelter PAWS. The shelter supervisor, who knew that Officer Montgomery already had a PAWS rescue dog at home, suggested that Montgomery meet one of the little pups. 

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Citizens from Mueang Nakhon Ratchasima District of Thailand heard cries of A sweet little puppy, after noticing the distressed mom. So they immediately called the police. The dog fall down in drain, and for the drain entrance was too small the Samaritans could not enter into to help the puppy.

The poor puppy slipped into a  45-cm-deep and 60-cm-wide hole. His mother's cries captured the attention of the people. That is why he didn't disappear.
Firstly, the rescuers tried to make the puppy to creep out, the put sticks to help him he couldn't creep. Then they realized that, so a cop decided to save the dog by going into the hole.
Yak Srivijaya, 54-Year-Old police officer, jumped into the hole by his head first, then crawled through the tiny pathway to help the dog.
While the dog's mom watched the rescuing scene by putting her head into the hole, Yak Srivijaya survived her son. She is really grateful for him.