Faithful Dog Has Been Poisoned By Robbers, But His Death Saved His Owners

Dogs are loyal and faithful, and instinctually alert their owners in times of danger. Some dogs, like the one mentioned in this account, were tragically killed whilst trying to protect their owners.

During the night that just passed, a gang of thieves plotted to rob Achy’s home. The family was already asleep when suddenly their dog started barking loudly, frantically trying to warn the sleeping family. No one in the family paid any heed to their loyal guard dog, thinking it had spotted a cat or something in the night—but then the dog suddenly stopped barking.

When Achy woke up the following morning to see his dog lying in its own vomit, with a mouth full of foam, he suddenly realized why the dog put up such a commotion during the night.

On Facebook, he described what occurred: "We wanted to take him to the vet, but we live in Papua and the vet here usually only deals with farm animals. Besides, it was also a Sunday, so the vet’s clinic was closed as well.”
"We tried to get rid of the poison by making our dog drink milk. We also tried oil and some coconut water. Unfortunately, it didn’t work.”

A brokenhearted Achy decided to take a video of the poisoned dog to remember his sacrifice, before burying the poisoned pooch in the yard it once lived.

The video below, posted by Achy on his Facebook page, shows his faithful dog’s last moments. The sorrowful scene also serves to remind dog owners to take heed of their pet’s warnings.

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