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Abandoned in a parking lot
This story is about a poor cow which was left to die in a parking lot, the cow stayed in misery for 24 hours and the pain was inevitable. There was a livestock market as well nearby where the cattle farmer despite of knowing about the cow left it to perish. It was on the part of the farmer to take this cow to a vet but he didn’t.

It is very commonly observed that many of the cattle farmers usually consider these poor animals as a piece of a non-living stock rather than a living creature. The main reason for these wounds and pain through which the animal has been through is completely unknown; however, the investigations are taking place to identify. Upon calling a vet by the complaint of the people in surroundings, it was identified that the cow went through a traumatic muscle injury; the back legs were completely destroyed. However, the vet has no choice other than considering euthanization as a last resort to save this animal from more pain.
There are chances that a legal action might be taken against that farmer who left this cow decease out of pain and also the investigation to locate the owner is also in process. The major reason for considering the owner is to analyze the reason he never referred to a vet despite of seeing his cow dying out of pain. All these factors have made the life of the livestock animals completely in vain and they end up dying in the worst circumstances.