Three children arrested for allegedly beating and attempting to drown puppy


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Subject of reincarceration
There are people who claim that reincarceration is real and what happens after death is also hotly debated. Some believe that death is the ultimate end and some believe in heaven and hell and yet there are people who believe in reincarceration – coming back in another form after we die. Druze people in the Middle East believe in this and they even take the kids to the home of his previous life and believe in birthmarks to be related to past-life deaths.

This 3-year-old boy in Golan Heights region told his parents about how he got murdered in his previous life and of course, they didn’t believe him. He also said that he remembered where he lived so they took him to a village he believed he was from. Then, he told them all about his previous life, his name, his family and where he had spent his life.
He even took them to the murder weapon and everyone was shocked but people are still hesitant to believe it. What do you think?