Vets arrives at an animal shelter, opens a duct tape bin and… heartbreaking scenes!

Worst surprise ever

Some, well most of the surprises are good, right? If a surprise goes wrong then it would be prudent to categorize it as a nightmare. Jennifer Patterson was understandably heartbroken when she arrived at an animal shelter, opened up a box, only to find out that there were ten puppies inside. Jennifer is a Registered Veterinary Technician, from Patterson Animal Hospital and she got pissed off for the right reasons.


Just because it was recorded on video which was shared online, all the puppies have now found forever happy homes after a little effort. It is her ultimate pleasure to share the video on the internet to urge people to get fully aware on this topic. She states that vet clinics can give you resources and options but dumping the poor creatures at vet’s doorstep isn’t fair at all. People should understand that all animals deserve respect and a chance at life so they should be treated better.


Featured Story Of Today

A dog named Amari has bit off more than she could chew as the rescuers believe that Amari had been in a dog fight. Amari was fiercely attacked as the deep wounds on her body tell.


Amari was coming out of the woods when some good Samaritans noticed her and approached her immediately, having seen how badly she was hurt; they took her immediately to the nearest emergency clinic.


A Rejoyceful Animal Rescue promised to take care of Amari, and they repeatedly post any new information about her on their Facebook page, they are trying to collect Amari’s medical expenses.


They noticed that Amari’s wounds were big and deep, she looked in a very bad shape, but we hope Amari will get better soon.