Teenager sees a severely wounded cop on the side of the road. But when the EMT delivers this news, OMG…

A choice to remember

We all are put into situations that we don’t want to be in and some of us get a recognition for them, some of us don’t. But Thalia Rodriguez’s choice made her a hero and earned her fame. Thalia, 17, was driving a car when she spotted a wounded police officer on the side of the road. He was bleeding and she had learned a little about first responder techniques in the high school.


So, she pulled over quickly to examine the officer. She learned that his leg was gone but he still had a pulse and was bleeding badly. She was only thinking what to do in this situation when another driver stopped.

It was Vianca Diaz, a nurse. Thalia helped her build a tourniquet to wrap around the unresponsive leg of the cop and together they saved the cop.


Featured Story Of Today

We know that it isn’t an easy task to cut down trees as there is a reasonable amount of risk involved in it. Most of the woodcutters or loggers even play on their lives when cutting trees but don’t get paid according to the nature of the job. Different reports and surveys show terrifying stats that include 91 deaths per 100,000 workers. Also, it requires specific amount of skill and planning to cut down a tree.

For this purpose, the loggers also use handheld power saws to make the whole process easy and seamless. Despite all these precautionary measures, loggers are left on the mercy of falling limbs and it results in tragedies when something like this happens. Take a look at this logger in this video who just escapes certain death as a huge tree almost falls upon him.

Although the logger is cutting the tree with precaution and skill but still the tree falls awkwardly that no one could have predicted. He is carefully working his way around the base of the tree and there comes a point when it starts to crack and all of a sudden, it crumbles to pieces. The handheld saw has a reasonable amount of noise but the logger seemed to be able to hear the cracking sound of tree falling upon him. This saved his life and he is one lucky guy to have survived this ordeal.