Prepare Yourself for Laugh Because This Priceless Video of Owl, Will Make You Laugh like a Kid

The bunch of adorable owls are priceless
Every living thing on this earth is bound to love they want to love and the want to be loved. Same case goes with these bunch of owl kids as you can see yourself.

This is the video about the bunch of baby owls who are looking for some affection and love, just look at the video how happy they are when a man just giggles on the nose and then the little kid enjoys the a session of swimming . The there is another kid who enjoy music and started to dance on the beat.
Unfortunately the adorable bribes had lost their mother so the boy decide to take care of them as he invented the difficult games to play with these kids. You can see by yourself that how happy they are after playing these games.

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Chewing Plants took Life of this Dog
This story refers to a very surprising situation and may give many people an idea about taking care of their dogs especially when it comes to chewing plants. In this story, the dog was on a routine hiking with its owner and after an hour of the walk when they both came home the dog passed away.

Initially when they got back home the dog appeared being very disturbed and it seemed as if it was feeling unwell and confused about what is actually happening. However, when the owner found this situation he immediately took this baby at the vet and the vet told the reason of the death of this baby which was surprising for the owner.
The vet told the owner that a plant named as water hemlock which is found in the watery areas during July has a white flower which may take away the life of the animals when chewed. It is recommended that in case a pet chews such plants the pet must vomit or must be taken to a vet immediately or else it may pass away like this baby did.