Dog loses it completely when he doesn’t get what he wants. Throws tantrums

One impatient dog
We know that dogs can be a little bit pushy but we clearly didn’t know this until we saw this. Watching this video might recall you some of your childhood memories when we would throw tantrums anywhere, anytime. Do you remember your best tantrums? Trust me, you don’t want to recall one.

What you are about to see might spare you some blushes because this dog is from the same league – our league. But with one major change – his dramatic tantrum is the best you would ever see. He could even win an Oscar with it. It’s hilarious, it is short and trust me you don’t want to miss a second of it. You would love watching every second of it and will definitely be sharing it with your friends and family to spread some smiles. Take a look at this video yourself! 

Featured Story Of Today

Talk about ruff justice.

TV Judge Judy Sheindlin unleashed her keen legal mind in a most creative way while presiding over a dog ownership dispute.

In a viral clip of "Judge Judy” posted Monday, a woman said she bought the dog on the street, but a man claimed the pet was his.

After some questioning, Judge Judy had had enough. She ordered the dog to be brought in to the courtroom and let loose.

Tail wagging, the little pooch rushed excitedly to the man and jumped on his leg as the man began to cry.

Judge Judy then issued a most decisive ruling.

"It’s his dog,” she said.


You can watch the immediate solution at the start of the video above or watch a more detailed clip below.