Video Camera Has Caught a Strange Creature Walking in the Desert and Experts Are in Shock

This video has shook up the whole world
The Existence of supernatural creature is fairy tale written by some writers. One the main reason, that in modern era people don’t believe in these kind of stories is lack of eye witnesses. But can we can’t deny the existence of these kind of creatures if they are being caught in video.

This remarkable incident took place back in Portugal, A tourist filmed an extraordinary creature that was moving behind a tree. This extraordinary creature had a gangly limbs, an odd and extremely huge figure. When the creature walked out into open filed the persons decide to capture this moment.
As we all can see our self that this ancient creature is exactly the doppelganger of these supernatural creatures which are only being discussed in novels and books. So here is the latest proof that this world is full of surprises. But another theory leads us to the use of technology, but this video has gone viral on social media. It’s up to people to decide either this is video is true or fake.

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Compassionate animals
This is a fact that sometimes animals can show even more compassion than us humans. If you want to take a good proof of this, read this story from Des Moines, Iowa. This is about Reagan the Labrador when he came home with a crumpled bag of Meow Mix. This is a rather interesting story as a dog found something on the side of the road and brought home and mom was right to think that it yet another trash treasure.

Kerry is the mum to this Labrador who ignored the bag he brought and turned to get into the house. However, this didn’t impress Reagan one bit and he started hovering around it to get some attention. This made Kerry check and see what was in the bag and was thrilled to see that there was a litter of kittens in there.

Two or three kittens were crushed inside the bag and luckily 2 were still alive and they were desperate to get out of there. Kerry was struck by the brutal reality that someone had sealed the bag with alive kittens in there. Then they dumped it on the street and Kerry found them, all thanks to Reagan. She brought the kittens inside and cleaned them up before giving them the names Tipper and Skipper. She kept them warm throughout the day and gave them milk.

She waited for the morning to call several shelters but a lot of them said ‘no’ to them before Raccoon Valley Animal Sanctuary and Rescueagreed to take them in. Shortly afterwards, they were put for adoption and finally found a forever happy home.