Horror mysterious figure appears over the sky and makes shoppers flee the shopping center

Creepy as hell
Just take a good look at the pictures until you get chills down your spines. What’s the first thought that comes to the mind? It is fake? No, it is absolutely real and it has been captured from hundreds of mobile phone cameras. This is a human-looking cloud showed up over the Mukuba Mall in Kitwe. Kitwe is the 2nd biggest city of Zambia and if you are a Harry Potter fan, you know what it relates to. You guessed that one right, Dementors.

If you remember the ever-famous movies, you know that seeing them was never a good experience for Harry and his friends. Dementors were known for sucking the happy moments from a person’s mind. If you take a close look, you’ll see that this dementor looking shape is looking down on earth. According to the shoppers, this horror figure was seen hovering over the mall for about 30 minutes.
As expected, there were a mixture of responses to this mystic shape on the sky. Some even started to worship the figure and some ran away in a state of fear. Sure, it looks like a ghost but on an already overcast day, it can look a lot worse and these shoppers know this better than anyone. Let us know what you think about this? Let’s stick to the Kite theory so we can get a good night sleep, right guys? 

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Moving to a new home is not easy for anyone, let alone a dog. When one moves to a new home, he notices that some things became different, and there are new things that one needs to accustom themselves to them. But when you see a familiar thing in your new home that you used to, things can go crazy.


When the little puppy, Christy arrived at her new home in Florida, she couldn’t wait until she is allowed to go outside and navigate the place. She went immediately to the door to check the place she resides in. Then she started to freak out in a cute way like she was begging her owner to let her go outside. Her owner knew that she was excited about the swimming pool. So the owner was curious about what she would do if he let her go outside. So he opened the door and she ran quickly with a lot of excitement, and it happened! She jumped into the swimming pool. Christy swam like a professional and she enjoyed it very much. She got herself wet and she didn’t care as she wanted to have a lot of fun. And she looked at her owner like she wanted him to swim with her. Christy is such an amazing dog. Swimming is a very healthy sport and we know how good it is for the body and mind. So Christy will surely be in good shape because her swimming pool will always be available to her. Share the lovely Christy and have a lot of fun.