World's Oldest Dog, Maggie, Passes Away

A dog named Maggie was thought to be the world's oldest dog, she is an Australian Kelpie, she was bred on a farm, she led a happy life and she has been spoiled very much by the farmer Brian McLaren, she was a very loving and loyal dog, she used to follow her owner while he was working on dairy farming.
Maggie was brought up among McLaren's family, she was considered to be an integral part of the family, McLaren treated her like his own child, and she was very thankful for it as she was very loyal to him and his family her entire life.

Maggie died at the age of 30, you might think that 30 is not too old, right?. Wrong, it is actually very old, it is about 200 for Maggie in dog years, McLaren said that when they brought Maggie to their home, his son Liam was four years old, and now he is 34.
Maggie didn't pass away out of a sudden, her health condition deteriorated gradually until she collapsed. She became blind, and deaf, and she was in a very bad shape, but there is something that Maggie didn't let go, it's her heart.
It is said in the Guinness Book of World Records that the oldest dog was an Australian cattle dog named Bluey, when Bluey had died, he was 29 years old, that means Maggie just broke Bluey's record.
But it's not just about a record, it's about leading a happy and loving life, that's what Maggie did. Rest in peace darling Maggie.

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