Hunters Kill The Moose Pose Next To It Smiling And Post Photos On Facebook

Jessica Gray calls herself an "outdoor enthusiast.” She posted on her Facebook page 20 photos of the dead moose and she and her partner posed smiling. Her post got a lot of comments of disgust.
Grays thanked those who criticized her, explaining that she now has garnered a lot of sponsorships; among which are women’s rights groups.
Perhaps it’s just a story of bragging on social media about the successful "hunt”, which was found offensive by many people, who say they want to admire the animals while they are alive, and not the parts of their dead body. the murder of Cecil, the 13-year-old revered lion is also heartbreaking. He was shot and killed in Zimbabwe by the American dentist Walter Palmer. It was Donald Trump Jr., who ditched his secret service protection officers to have some "privacy”, when instead he went on a wild animal hunting trip.

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