Guilty Puppy Caught Playing On Owner's Bed , Then He Covers His Face With His Paws

We've got a sneaky one on our hands! Shelby isn't supposed to be playing on the bed, but she didn't know that her owner was home. Just wait for her reaction at the end when she's caught! It is so adorable that it will make anyone laugh, and that's a promise! For all you dog lovers out there, you'll definitely mix in some "awe"s with the laughter.



You can see that Shelby is adorably playing in the sheets. It also seems like maybe that she is scratching an itch, as the sheets create friction to effectively scratch the itch, but none of that matters after she is caught. Knowing that she has done wrong, she casually lays down and covers her eyes with her adorable little paw. How funny!

Check out this guilty dog's reaction after getting caught on the bed.
We all know that dogs do hilarious reactions when they were asked about doing something or not, this video shows one of these reactions but in another way. Shelby, a dog, was playing on the bed thinking that her owner is not home. So, when she realizes that her parent was behind her she did a hilarious reaction left animal lovers die in laughter.


It is obvious in the video that Shelby is so adorable and just wants to play on the bed. How adorable the video is. Watch the video above to see her reaction and tell us your opinion.

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