Mean Kid Has Been Caught On Camera While Abusing This Small Dog!

A YOUNG lad is abusing small dog while another boy watches on laughing, in this shocking footage.
The boy, who looks to be around six or seven; grabs the puppy by his collar and repeatedly hits, elbows and even spits at it. The unnamed lad elbows the poor dog, which is lying on the ground.

The little dog can be seen trying to get away from his tormentor but the boy keeps pulling him back for more punishment. The video, filmed by a much older boy on a bicycle with his mobile; uploaded to social media where it quickly went viral.

It provoked outrage among animal lovers who were disgusted at the abuse dished out to the puppy. But it also attracted condemnation because the cameraman did not stop the spiteful youngster.
Social media users said the older by should have been the voice of reason warned the boy to stop. One unnamed commenter said: "Don’t wonder why your children become criminals! Parents, it’s your own fault not the children’s!

"Innocent animals do nothing wrong to us and that’s why we have to teach our children that this kind of behaviour is unacceptable.”
The identity of the boys or where the sick footage was taken is unknown.

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