Owner Had Enough Of His Dog Shedding In Car, So He Created Funny Doggy Leotards And It Went Viral!

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. Tyson Walters is just a regular dog owner like everyone else. He loves his dog and he always wants to be happy with his dog. But this story proves that Tyson is a creative man and very talented actually. Let’s see what this amazing man did.

Tyson is very happy with Harley, a big Saint Bernard dog. Even though Tyson loves his dog too much, he complains that every time he takes his dog with him on a ride, the dog’s hair ruins his car. And Tyson finds it very difficult to clean the car as the hair stick to the fabric and won’t be removed easily. Tyson looked for a way to deal with this problem, but was left frustrated when couldn’t find a solution. Maybe nobody thought this problem would be a big deal. So Tyson got motivated and decided to create a solution for this problem on his own. He thought that if he was able to cover the dog’s body, then there would be no problem and everything will be fine. So Tyson invented what became quickly famous and called "the shed defender”. It is a doggy-leotard and so great that people started to use it. The shed defender is so great that it also prevents your dog from picking up dirt. You won’t have to make your dog wear Tyson’s shed defender all the time, but whenever you feel it is necessary, Tyson’s shed defender is always there to solve your problems.


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