Woman Spots A Lonely Dog In Middle Of Storm, What He Was Holding In His Mouth Makes Her Grab Her Camera!

Tropical Storm Harvey affected on many people in Texas.

A woman from Sinton, Texas, went out to her garden and she saw a strange thing! She saw a dog walking by himself grabbing something in his mouth making the woman,TieleDockens, grab her camera. And the dog's picture was seen by many people all over the world.


The people needed for the necessities and they were stockpiling the necessities over the weekend, that dog was doing the same too.

TieleDockens couldn't believe what she saw when she took this picture, which shows that the dog, Otis, carrying a bag of food in his mouth.


So Tiele posted the picture on Facebook, and the people shared it more than 25,000 times. The dog, Otis, represents the determination and strength of the Texans during this storm.

The owner of Otis is found and said that Otis is not lost, but he just got out to the street.

The picture shows that Otis is walking alone along the street grabbing a big bag in his mouth, as what humans do in during these conditions. The dog is not homeless, and he lives down the street from Tiele.

Tiele added that she saw Otis a few times, but she wasn't sure, but my post on Facebook helped me to find his parent in 10 minutes. And that was Sandra, one of Otis' family.

Sandra said that Otis was out of danger and she told Tiele that Otis was never lost or in any danger.

Otis now becomes so famous and he celebrated as the clever dog.

But, the amazing thing was that Otis from the shop down the street. He was both smart and brave to pick up his food.

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