How They Do It Is Unbelievable.

One of the major changes in iPhone 7 is the removal of the standard headphone jack. New headphones are connected from Apple's built-in Lightning input for charging and USB connectivity, but there is also a device for standard headphones. But some users who believe in joke videos spreading on YouTube have turned their phones into a headset with a drill.

It turned out that a lot of the malfunctions and complaints that came to Apple phone were being searched by the company and the phones of those who believed in these joke videos. In addition, comments under the video reveal that many users think this joke is real. It is also seen that some comments ask serious questions about what kind of drillers are used in some of them.

It is estimated that the number of Americans who drilled a hole in the phone is more than 1000, based on those who came to Apple and made statements on the internet.

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