Dog stops and stares at the owner he hasn't seen in 3 years, but the real reaction is coming

We all know there’s no sweeter love than between a dog and his owner.
No matter how long we’ve been gone, the minute we walk through the door, our dog is beyond excited to see us.
It doesn’t matter if we’ve been gone an hour, or eight hours, they can’t wait to see us. Sometimes even if we just came back from the other room. And they show us how happy they are that we are back by showering us with love and kisses.

Do you think they’d still remember us though, if it had been three years?
I’m sure that’s what this soldier was wondering. Three years is a very long, especially in a dog’s life.
This soldier had been deployed for three years. I’m sure he never expected to see his beloved dog waiting for him at the airport.
When he saw his beloved dog, he came up behind him and whistled. Then he just stood back. I’m sure he was wondering if the dog would remember him.
The dog heard the whistle and looked around. It sounded strangely familiar.
When he saw his daddy, he stopped for a second looking confused. He was probably wondering if it was really his daddy standing there.

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