Deaf Dog Loves To Play With The Baby! So Cute And So Patient! Very Adorable!

Having pets like cats or dogs in your  is something very special, as they can play with the children and also the adults or they can save the children, they can take your boring off and they can also be the best friends of the little child of the family.

 Just like this pit bull who is shown in the video, and this is a good example of the benefits of having pets. The video which has been recorded by the owner shows this deaf pit bull dog trying to take the attention of the baby, and he wants to play with the little baby by making some moves to have some toys and to share them with the baby. The pit bull is so patient and lovely with the nice baby, and he loves giving kisses to the baby. The video shows the pit bull standing behind the baby and he is like reading the book which is on the ground, he really likes reading books! He actually don't show any sign of aggressiveness. The pit bull doesn't make any sound in the video which is something weird, but the baby seemed to be annoyed as he doesn't want to share his toys with the cute, adorable pit bull! And it is obvious in the video that there is a children book on the ground, in front of the baby, and the dog is pretending to read this book, how adorable he is :). Finally, the dog goes out of the video for an unknown reason!!


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