A Cyclist Gets The Most Horrifying and Unwelcome Surprise Ever, When He Goes Out For A Ride.

The hobby is something grew with you and it becomes a talent if you work for it.Each person in life has something special, and loves things that no one loves. This depends on two main things; the personality, and how it being built when he was a little child. This also effects on the hobbies, the person in the video below loves biking and he always goes for this. But, one day something unexpected happened with him.

Chris is a man who loves biking, one day he saw something really dangerous when he was biking in Fernie, British Columbia's woods. When he got closer to see what that was, he was totally shocked of what he saw, it was a mountain big lion! So Chris tried to go back on his bicycle, but the lion followed him and walked towards him in every movement he did.So Chris was with no choice, but he decided to do a simple thing to save from the lion, and that was the right thing which saved his life! That was really a priceless lesson to have if you find yourself in the same situation; he portrays himself as the alpha with your body language, tone, and pitch!The video which has been recorded by Chris, shows the ideal way to treat in any situation like this. Chris was so strong, and he didn't show any little bit of fearing, and that caused the lion to go away! Nice plan Chris.

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