Video : Zookeepers In China Feed Tigers A Live Donkey By Pushing Him Into Their Cage

In Changzhou Zoo, China, there was a terrible thing was caught. Tigers were fed by Chinese zookeepers by pushing a terrified live donkey into their cage. I don’t know why they do that, this act is so brutal, they pushed it while the donkey was trying to hold on.


It landed in the water and was in anguish trying to escape swimming away but very soon he was struck by two tigers.

Before he got dying, I couldn’t even visualize the suffer and pain. Absolutely, it is not tigers’ mistake to make the donkey suffers.

When they see a living meal at their home they want to get it because they are predators.

This is their kind, however, really these zookeepers require to be examined to the doctor.

The whole administration and these people for animal cruelty need to be accused.
How can they be so cruel?

Stop things like this.

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