Watch This gorilla saving a baby's life After He Fell into a den

God's angels

It was against all the odds that a gorilla saved the life of a human baby because mostly they are really hostile and dangerous. One even starts to rub their eyes to confirm if it actually happened or if they are day dreaming but it is absolutely true. Even the gorillas have shown that they can be nice and caring towards humans as a gorilla saves a human life. The toddler must be extremely lucky to escape such an incident as the paramedics arrived shortly to retrieve the baby.


Unbelievable incident

It is true that God's angel come in all shapes and forms and this video shows that miracles do happen in real life. There can be no bigger proof of that as a baby fell into an extremely dangerous gorilla enclosure.


 People started to believe the unthinkable and it scared the hell out of everyone but a lone gorilla not only saved the baby but also cradled him to comfort the baby. He kept the baby safe from the other gorillas that were hostile.


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