Foster dad denied euthanization of a puppy but what he learns from the vet leaves him heartbroken

Nubby the disabled puppy
This is the story of Nubby, a dog born without the front legs. So, the life couldn't get any tougher on him and he faced difficulties from the moment he opened his eyes. Upon a visit to the veterinarian, it was learned that the puppy should be put to forever sleep. It wasn't like that Nubby's mom had rejected him or something but he had been facing trouble keeping pace with other dogs. Also, he had trouble getting to his mom to nurse.


Lou Robinson is the name of the foster mom for Nubby and developed a great bond with the dog. According to her, Nubby's siblings were kind of bullying him and this made life for the poor dog even worse. Lou expected that it wasn't long before Nubby would be perished.

Lou and her husband Mark lived in Houston, Texas and she had been rescuing and fostering animals for many years. She had also formed an animal rescue group by the name of Warriors Educate About Rescue. Not only that but she also teaches the people about how to take care of the animals.

So, they took Nubby in and day after day, he grew and thrived under them. At last, the day came when Nubby opened his eyes and found his voice and things took a turn for the bad. This was when Nubby stopped eating and started blowing milk out of his nose and ultimately diagnosed with esophageal abnormality.


So, he was taken to vets and they didn't give his foster mom much hope but they will wait to see how his condition turns out to be, once he gets older. He is now 5-months old and things are good and Lou can now use a real-life example to teach kids that being different is okay.

This surely is a great example of showing kindness on animals. When nobody took a chance on Nubby, Lou did and she did save his life and at more than one occasions. This is the kind of example everyone should follow and surely Nubby has become a role model when it comes to taking care of animals.


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