Dog Severely Injured At Newport News Boarding Kennel And Passes Away

It is not easy to lose a dear friend that had spent years with you. And what makes it even harder is when you start blaming yourself for your loss, why did I leave him? You might say. Or maybe you will blame someone else for the death of your best friend. 

Jason Fox is a caring and loving dog owner. He loved his dog so much and used to play with him a lot. Fox posted on his Facebook page that his dog, Fenway was injured when he stayed at Coastal Dog Services in the city of Newport News over the weekend.

Fox blames them for what happened to Fenway, and he regrets trusting them. And he stressed the importance of showing the world some pictures of his injured dog so that we know how much poor Fenway was neglected. The owner of Coastal Dog Services, Rick Tvelia said she wasn’t there when the incident happened.

But she also said that no body caused Fenway any harm, and what happened to him was just an accident. Tvelia said that the dog’s collar was stuck on a fence and when he tried to release himself, he caused himself injures.

And Tvelia said she was sorry about the death of Fenway. And she and everyone working at the Coastal Dog Services feel very bad. We hope this doesn’t happen to any dog in the world. And may you rest in peace Fenway. 

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