14-year-old did the worse thing possible one week after his dog was put to sleep.

Losing a dog for someone is a bit sad, but for this 14-year-old who can not live without him, Tilly, the family's pet, has been his best friend ever since. 4 years old and unfortunately until the end.

The boy, Seb Morris, was a sporty and popular guy, he was at home and loving, his mother found him last November. His mother told the poll that it was only a week before her dog was lost!

His mother said that Seb had not known the life without Tilly, as they adopted her when he was only 4." She added that he slept for an hour beside her grave in the garden. Less than one year of the dog died, the boy, a 10-year-old Heathfield Elementary School student, sought help in an overdose of pills. Watch the video above to have more information.

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