Dog Gets 4 Prosthetic Legs After Losing His Legs Because Of Freezing!

Naki'o is a fantastic animal that will warm your heart! Naki'o and his companions were left in a hospital in Nebraska in the winter when they were very young.

Naki'o was the only puppy in an icy puddle. He froze and lost the toes on his fours. But it is better! The new owners have found it on PetFinder and fell in love immediately! When he was a small pup, he got excited as he was very light. But they knew that he needed more support on his all legs when he grew up.

They went to OrthoPets, where they created a new life for Naki'o by creating new legs for him! His prostheses have changed his life; has gained more confidence and cannot be happier! Now he is the only dog in the world with 4 prosthetic legs ... he is the bionic dog! It is a source of inspiration for anyone who meets him.

We believe that positivity can change lives and strive to be the voice of humanity, recognizing that people are good and doing good for humanity. We emphasize the people and organizations involved in this movement. Help us to honor people who are benevolent, who overcome the adversities with grace and inspiration, and the good things in life. Watch the video above to have more information.

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