Helpless Cat Survived From A Can Stuck In Her Head.

There is too many of street animal faces problems and need help like this poor kitty, that’s cat head was stocked in a can and was suffering until a man noticed that this cat is in a trouble and need some help. Even animals need help these days.

It was a small plastic drinking can but big for small kitty, and the cute cat was a blind can't see anything. Also scared if it did a little noisy for the people in that street.
That good man want really to help this pet and get it out form the can, he got a good idea, to bring a scissors to make a small hole into that can so the cat get out safety without any injury.

He asked a man was walking in that street at the same time to record a video to show it to his family and grandchildren and also to tell them the whole story of saving a life in that day, something that he proud of doing it.
In few minutes the cat escaped from that prison and run fast without even tell her saver thanks!
That’s called the real animal friend 

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