Family Puppy Was Thrown Into Fire By Some Kids, But His Skin Saved His Life!

Humans in general trust in dogs due to their demeanor, loyalty, and the important thing is their undefeated companionship. The dogs also can be the best friend for any generation, kids, adults or old men.

But, that wasn't the same with what happened Polo, a little nice puppy.

One Sunday in May, the puppy was stolen and thrown into a fire by some naughty boys.

Polo lives in far north of Manitoba, Canada. There was no running water or electricity where he lives, and also there was no vet. So the dog had to be flown 600km (375 miles) south to Winnipeg to have a treatment by a veterinarian.

When the puppy arrived at the animal hospital, his burns were so outspread. And his body was in smoke which bubbles and smoke were coming from his nose.


Polo received some treatments for burns of second degree. His stomach, paws, nose, mouth, and testicles were damaged. His eyes were also covered with sores and his lungs and throat were swollen.

The fire was so painful and he might not be survived without his coarse fur. Polo's family was really thankful to the hospital's great efforts to save their adorable puppy.

Because they didn't believe that their nice puppy would be safe with them, they made a rough decision, so they decided to give Polo up for adoption.

Regardless what happened with Polo, but he is still joyful, and he still loves people.

Finally, Polo recovered and he was adopted by adorable people in Vancouver.

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