Bear Cub Is Not Able To Keep Up With His Mom, So An Officer Comes And Saves The Day!

When seeing any animal trying to cross the road, regardless what is, a squirrel, a cat, or a dog. You have to stop your car to make them cross safely. And that what a cop in Carroll Police Department, New Hampshire did, when he stopped his car for a momma bear moving to cross the road.

And it is something unusual to happen, seeing a bear wanting to cross the road, and even with her babies with her. But, he later noticed that one baby could stand up, as he was sick, and that is the real reason for what the momma have done.
His mom tried well to keep her four babies with her, but one of them couldn't do that. He suddenly stopped in the middle of the street.

So the momma did something strange! She continued in her way with her babies and left the cub alone in the middle of the road. So the cop had been watching that and he decided to interfere.

So the police department said that they had to take one baby bear to be rehabilitated, because it was so weal to stand up and walk with his momma. The police department found another cub later in the same day, he looked as from the same momma, he also was left behind.

The police department said that the momma bear had 5 babies in Bretton Woods, but, she leaves two of them to be with 3 healthy babies which she can take care of them. While the other two cub will return to the wild after being rehabilitated.

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