Adorable Dog Was Begging To Be Rescued But He Couldn't Even move an Inch!

We are very thankful for the existence of animal rescue organizations; they help make the world a better a place by saving abandoned and ignored animals.

Hope For Paws received a call about a dog being lonely and neglected, the volunteers were up to the job, they went to the place immediately without a second thought.


Once they were there, they found the poor dog Penelope, one of the rescuers had some food and started to feed the cute puppy, Penelope was happy they arrived and started to eat, and lick the hand of the rescuer, but they noticed something else, Penelope didn’t stand, she remained still.


The rescuers knew she might be injured, then one of the rescuers showed her a leash, she started to lick it, they knew she wanted to be taken and saved, they took her and checked her up and they found that one of her legs had a painful cut.


One guy told the volunteers that his friend had been feeding Penelope for weeks, such a generous and kindhearted guy.


The organization took care of Penelope and paid for all her medical expenses, now they together with Penelope hope they can find a good person who will love Penelope.

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